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Silent Songs

OUT NOW: "Silent Songs"

Genre: Pop Rap / Rock

This is the beginning of an EP... A Story of Love, Death and many things between...

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Silent Songs
Pop Rap - Rock
Ding Dong at 420 Cover
Rap - Hip Hop
Run or Pray Cover
Calm - Piano
Run or Pray Cover
Epic - Orchestral
Ding Dong at 420 Cover
Epic - Orchestral
Mix up the Bar Cover
Rock - Motivational
What lies in the Dark Cover
Trailer Music - Mysterius
everyone wears a mask...
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While I was studying computer science, a little bit bored by my Prof talking about math, I remembered that my father had a Keyboard from 1970 in the attic…
This is how it all began. I don't know that much about Music, I never had any major music education, nor can I read music. But in an age where you can download a whole orchestra to your computer, music theory isn't holding anyone back anymore.
I have no clue if my Music is good, special, or anything else.
The only thing I know is that I love creating it.


There are people you meet going through your life, who just deserve to be mentioned.
Thank's to all of you, without you, I wouldn't be where I am now.
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